Powder Coating

Powder Coating is the state-of-the-art metal finish for all indoor and outdoor products, providing a beautiful, durable finish with exceptional resistance to fading, chemicals, weather and wear. Finishes can be high gloss to flat. Textured, metallic finishes and high temperature coatings are also available.

Metal is cleaned and pre-coated at our facility using environmentally-friendly biodegradable chemicals. Next we electrostatically apply a dry powder resin to the metal surface. After the powder is inspected, parts are moved into the oven, where the powder melts and fuses to the metal surface. The finish cures at 400ยบ, then the parts are removed from the oven to be cooled, re-inspected, and wrapped for shipment.

Our powder coat division uses only Tiger Drylac interior and exterior powders. With unsurpassed gloss retention, adhesion, and salt spray resistance, Tiger powders are the best. Their finishes are found on greenhouses, skyscrapers, and even alpine ski lifts. Additionally, Tiger has developed a zinc-rich primer which, under their exterior Series 38 powders, rivals galvanizing in corrosion resistance.

We offer unparalleled customer service on even the smallest jobs. We can work with parts as large as 7' x 15'. We have over 50 standard colors, which you can see here. Small orders are welcome and turnaround is quick for all sizes. Our facility has been inspected and calibrated by Tiger Drylac and we are authorized to offer their 5 year gloss retention warranty-the best in the industry.