What is the environmental impact of powder coating?

In contrast to paint, polyester powder is not suspended in a solvent that must evaporate as it dries and sets up. Our process is virtually emission-free and leaves no hazardous residue. Because a good powder coat finish requires less maintenance and lasts substantially longer than paint, this multiplies its environmentally-friendly advantages.

Why is baked-on powder “tougher” than paint?

Because it is highly resistant to scratching, chipping, and chemical solvents. The curing process is timed, temperature controlled, and monitored—not left to the vagaries of ambient temperature and humidity—so adhesion is consistently better than paint. The best outdoor powders are also highly resistant to UV degradation and do not fade for years. Our powders have a five year gloss retention guarantee.

So all powders are not equal?

Not at all. Polyester powders can be purchased for as little as fifty cents a pound or as much as $16 or more. If you simply ask for “white polyester” you have no idea what you’re getting. If your coater does not talk about his powder you can be pretty sure it’s because he’s not buying anything worth bragging about. And the day you pick up the job it’s not going to look much different than if the powder costs 10 or 20 times more. Bright sunlight can turn a cheap fire engine red powder into a chalky pink finish in as little as 10 to 14 months. KPI Fab and Coat uses highest quality powders from some of the worlds top producers. Ask us to brag.

Can powder coating be done over existing paint?

This is not recommended. Powder works best when it fuses directly onto the metal substrate. The surface should also be clean and free from oil, grease, rust, and other contamination. Parts that are painted or rusted should be sandblasted down to the bare metal. New material should be free from fabrication burrs and scale. We do wash all parts prior to coating to remove light oils, dirt, and finger prints. We can offer sandblasting for smaller parts and work with industrial sandblasters for larger ones.

Is powder coating more rust-resistant than paint?

Salt-spray testing has verified that it is, but, as with paint, steel left exposed by nicks, scratches, and abrasions will rust. We offer a zinc-rich primer of baked-on powder which further enhances rust resistance for outdoor applications where water or salt exposure can make oxidation a problem. We strongly recommend this zinc-rich undercoat for raw steel in all outdoor applications.

Can all metals be powder coated?

Adhesion varies between metals. Raw steel, especially galvanized, exhibits superior powder adhesion. Wrought iron as well as quality castings of iron, steel, and aluminum alloys coat very well. Aluminum should be prepped for optimal adhesion. Cheaper “pot metal” castings, typically high in zinc or other low melting point metals, can be problematic.

Must powder coating be all one color?

Typically, yes. Depending on the part, it is sometimes possible to mask the coating and apply another color, although this is labor-intensive and may not be economical.

Is any color available?

Please check our "colors" section to see the colors we stock. We can special order a variety of different colors also.

Can Colors be matched?

Unfortunately, we cannot match colors directly but we will work closely with you to find a color which will fit your needs.

How much heat can I use it with?


How fast can I get my part back?

Most jobs can be completed in a few days and rarely longer than a week.

What do we fabricate?

We do light fabrication and repairs. We evaluate each project individually before taking it on, so if you're interested, give us a call.

Will you sponsor me?

Unfortunately, we do not offer sponsorships.